SANCEN Natural Cleaning Products

Wastewater in and around Tulum is generally not treated before being
released into the underground rivers and cenotes, which all eventually feed into the Caribbean.  Water pollution is constantly cited in news articles about degradation of the coral reefs, contamination of cenotes, and problems with large developments.  Think about what is in the water that you are releasing back into the environment; think about where that grey water goes.  Does it go into the ocean where you are swimming every day?  Does it seep through the porous limestone and into the water source for your well?  Does it go to water the plants that provide shade and food for your family and local wildlife?  It does not just disappear…

Household chemicals and cleaning products are a major contributor to water pollution and health problems.  Are you using toxic chemicals to “clean”?  SANCEN Natural Cleaning Products are made in Tulum from natural, biodegradable ingredients that are safe for you, your family and the environment.  SANCEN offers the following biodegradable cleaning products for your home or business:

ecological cleaning productsAll-Purpose Cleaner with Cinnamon and Clove – Use this product to clean floors, countertops and most surfaces.  Mexican cinnamon and clove essential oils help repel ants and other insects.

ecological cleaning productAll-Purpose Cleaner with Sweet Orange – Use this product to clean kitchen surfaces such as stovetops, backsplash tiles and kitchen sinks.  Mexican sweet orange essential oil cuts through grease and greasy build-up.

Ecological dishwashing liquidDish Washing Liquid – Dilute a capful of this product in water to wash dishes, glasses, pots and pans.  Mexican sweet orange essential oil cuts grease and coconut oil leaves your hands soft.

ecological furniture and wood cleanerWood and Furniture Cleaner – Clean and condition your woodwork, cabinets, furniture and floors.  Rosemary essential oil disinfects soiled surfaces and natural oils keep wood from drying out.

ecological glass cleanerGlass Cleaner – Use this product to clean windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces.  Grapefruit and lemon essential oils provide for streak-free, fresh-scented cleaning.

ecological soft scrubSoft Scrub – This mildly abrasive scrub is great for mold and mildew in the bathroom, kitchen and other tiled areas.  The minty-fresh scent reminds you that it can also be used as toothpaste…

ecological laundry washLaundry Wash – Use this product in your washing machine or for hand-washing clothes, towels and sheets.  Pour a little vinegar in the rinse cycle for natural fabric softening and hang on your solar clothes dryer.


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