Renewable Energy

Nature provides many renewable resources; everything, in fact, that we need to sustain life.  How we use these natural resources and how we participate in natural cycles is up to each of us.  We humans have inexplicably worked to remove ourselves from nature, setting ourselves apart from “the environment”. 

In a place that is famous for its sunny beaches, doesn’t it make sense to harness the power of the sun for more than getting a tan?  Solar is a very logical option for power production here and has very low maintenance requirements.  Tired of power surges that are frying your electronics?  Tired of the noise, pollution and maintenance of gasoline generators? 

Renewable energy systems require professional design and installation.  When you have grid power, you have an unlimited supply of power, as much as you are willing to pay for.  Renewable energy systems are independent power stations, limited in their production by the size and specifications of the equipment in the system.  Your solar system designer needs to understand your unique power needs in order to size the system you need and maximize system efficiency. 

We can help guide you through the process of becoming energy self-sufficient, which includes:

  1. ENERGY AUDIT - The less power you consume, the lower the cost of the final system.  Whether you are building or converting from other power sources, we can provide you with recommendations for lowering your present or planned energy consumption.

  2. SITE ASSESSMENT AND ARCHITECTURAL CONSULTATIONS - Adequate space, proper orientation, potential shading obstacles and equipment placement are all important aspects of solar system design.  If you are building, consult with our renewable energy professional in the design phase to integrate your system into the overall project design.

  3. SYSTEM DESIGN - A trained, experienced professional will design the most efficient system to meet your energy needs and site requirements.  Proper system sizing takes into account your energy usage, patterns in usage, lifestyle, budget, days of autonomy, equipment selection, wire and breaker sizing, mounting options and equipment locations.

  4. EQUIPMENT SELECTION AND SALES - Each piece of solar equipment, from panels and batteries to inverters and charge controllers, has technical specifications that are important to the proper functioning, efficiency and life span of your solar system.  Would you rather make this important investment through a sales person on commission or from a trained, professional system designer?  We are distributors of a wide range of equipment to meet a variety of system design needs.

  5. SYSTEM INSTALLATION - In order to protect your equipment and ensure efficient, almost maintenance-free operation of your solar system, it should be installed by a trained professional.  Our system installer has been trained by Solar Energy International and has an entry-level certificate from the North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals (NABCEP).

  6. SYSTEM MAINTENANCE - System maintenance is minimal, but necessary to ensure the proper functioning and long life of your renewable energy system.  We will teach you all you need to know about maintenance and upkeep of your system so that you do not have to rely on us for minor details.